A short break.

A short break.

For this summer holiday, we decided to take a short break and get away from things.

The last holiday I went together with my wife, was December 2014, to The Philippines.
Because of health issues, I did not go on holiday.
If my wife went back to The Philippines, she just went alone.
So a short break together was a nice thing.

But where to go?
How to get there?
She found an ad for a bus trip to Prague.
4 Day’s including the trip to Prague and back.

At first, I had my doubts.
When going on a holiday, Prague and the Chech Republic is not the first thing on your mind.
But we took the step and booked it online.

It was as followed.
Early morning leave by bus from Holland to Prague.
Two day’s stay in Prague and the last day, the bus ride back home.
The first day in Prague, we would have a walking tour of the lower part of the city, with a local guide.
The afternoon you had spare time to walk around by your self.
In the evening, a bus tour through the city, again with a local guide.

The second day, first a walking tour of the upper part of the city.
And in the afternoon a 2-hour boat tour, including a lunch buffet.
After that, you would have some spare time again before the bus would pick you up and bring you back to the hotel.

The last day, was the long trip back to Holland again and everyone would be dropped off, where they were picked up the first day.

The first day we had walked around 13-15km.
The second day we had walked around 16-17km.
Lucky it was with stops in between and not continues.
It was also nice that it was with a guide.
So many things they could tell about the history of the city and the different buildings.

Also the different areas of the city.
Now and then there was also the possibility to go inside a building.
In our own time, we had gone up the Old City Tower.
From there you had a nice view of the whole city.

For the food.
Every time we eat, it was big portions.
And the prices were reasonable.
Maybe a bit on the cheap side.
Most of the people there could speak English or German.
So it was no problem to go around or order or buy things.
It is a tourist city, so they need to speak German or English, else no income.

As in all big city’s and tourist spots, you must be aware of pickpocketers.
And be aware, if you want to change your money, where you would do this.
The local guides told us where to look out for and where the best place was to exchange your money.

Overall, we had a great and nice time.
I can advise everyone, that if you get the chance to visit Prague, just do it.
Lots of culture, nice things to see, good food.
For us it was a nice time, just to get away from things.


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