The beginning

The beginning

Welcome again to my personal blog.

As you have read on the “Welcome” I had made this blog because I wanted to share my life with you.
More and more posts will come and maybe it is difficult to find the beginning of this all.

That’s why I made this page.
In here I will point you to my first post on this blog.
From there on, you just follow the links below the post, to go to the next one.
So HERE is my first post.

One of the reasons I started this blog is, that all of this writing, is a kind of therapy to me.
This way I can write my thoughts down and share them with the world.
It is also for others to see, that they are not alone.
I am sure, there are more people that have similar problems or troubles in life.
I am also aware, that I am not the worst off.
There are people around us, that have similar or bigger health problems than me.

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In the future, I also will post some of my thoughts about life or things in my life.