Praise Report, Week 46, 2021

praise report
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Praise Report, Week 46, 2021.

It’s already week 46 and time again for my Praise Report, Week 46, of 2021.

This week it was also time for our local bible study group. This time we talked about Proverbs 8:14-35, “Wisdom”. To be very honest, I personally, have some problems with Proverbs. For me, it sounds very cryptic. During reading the verses and our discussion, my mind goes blank.

The part that I am having problems with when I am reading it, is that “Wisdom” is put down as a person. Only when we started discussing it, it became slowly clear to me, that it was personified.

The discussion itself was nice.

Saturday Evening.

On Saturday, I was home alone. The whole day went fine. When it was diner time, we decided to eat something easy. Fried fish and french fries. After I had fried everything, I just had to wait a few minutes before my wife would be back home.

While I was sitting on the couch, suddenly my left arm became very painful. I had this before, but this time it was more painful and it also took longer before it was gone. This time it took more than 10min. After that, I became very nauseous. During this, I prayed for the pain to be gone and that it would be nothing serious.

Because I was not feeling that well, I decided to just check with our doctor. Because it was after office hours, I had to call the special service in the hospital. After some questions and checking my file, she told me to just pass by the hospital so she could have a closer look. After a quick look over, she said that so far it was nothing serious and that further action was not needed at this time. Thank you, Lord.

The Sunday Service.

Because of the current guidelines in regards to the rising numbers due to the COVID19 infections, also this Sunday we stayed home. We decided to watch the service online. It was through Facebook Live, from the Schiedam location.

The Praise and Worship songs were nice. I found it strange that there were no lyrics displayed during the praise and worship. normally they would do this. I had checked with someone that was at that location and was told that the person who normally would do this, was not feeling well. So for the service they had set up a simple Livestream. I found it a bit strange also because the sound was better than normal. So, one more Thank You, Lord.

The bible verse for the preaching was Titus 2:11-14. And the title of the preaching was “The power of our redemption. The faithfulness of our Redeemer.”

It is nice to listen to the preaching yourself. It maybe makes things clearer to you than me trying to explain it to you. You can find the video on the Facebook page of Word International Ministries – NL. If you like this, you also could follow Word International Ministries – NL.


Only after we came to know Jesus and gave our lives to Him, we started to know about the grace that is given to us. And in the time that we are waiting to meet Him, we are here on earth to learn. Life on earth is a trial and it is preparing us for eternal life.

Wisdom is also given to us. But it is up to us to use it and apply it in our daily lives. We need to take our own responsibility for our actions. And our actions will show if we have received and know how to apply “Wisdom”.

I hope you all take care and stay safe. Don’t think only about yourself, but also think of others.

God Bless.


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