Praise Report, Week 45, 2021

praise report
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Praise Report, Week 45, 2021.

Praise report, week 45, 2021, is my fourth Praise Report in a row. Personally, I find this a new accomplishment for myself. It is the first time that I am writing about something for four consecutive weeks. Normally there would be a two or three-week period between posts.

At the end of week 45, it also was announced that there would new guidelines because of the rising numbers of COVID19 infections. So for me, some things had changed.

More Online.

For my personal safety and that of others, I had decided to not join physical meetings. To do it online, would be better for me and others.

The Friday evening of that week, we already had our Couples Bible Study, for our local group. Normally this is already done online. We had discussed Ephesians 2:11-18. It was a nice discussion.

Because of the blood of Jesus, we are “all” equal. That means, the Jews and Gentiles. In the eye of God, we are all equal. It is what is in your heart that counts.

For the Saturday that would follow, the plan was to have our Men’s Ministry meeting again. We first would meet for breakfast and then go to the house of one of the members to have our meeting. In the days before, I already heard about the rising numbers and that there would be new guidelines. After thinking hard about this, I had decided to not join the meeting. For my own feeling, it did not feel safe. After a short discussion, we all decided to have our meeting in the evening and do it online.

Our discussion was about the book of Luke. Luke 8:1-15. It was that in the eyes of Jesus, Man and Woman are equal. They all are followers of Jesus. And again, it is about what is in our hearts.

The Farmer.

The parable of that story is about the Sower and the Seeds. There are four situations where the seeds are in. If you look deeper into the story, you can see the four situations and you also could relate them to your own life. But it is difficult to say, in which of the four situations you are. Depending on yourself and the situation around you, you can end up in all four of them. But it is up to you, to remind yourself about these four situations and move yourself to the right situation.

Someone had asked, what do you think you are. Do you think you are the soil, the seed, the farmer, or the crops that had grown from the seed? But if you really look at it, we all go through all of them, one by one. Just think about it.

Did Not Join The Physical Service.

Normally on Sunday, my wife and I will join the Sunday service in Utrecht. I am there also earlier because I am helping with the setup of the multi-media. But again, because of the safety of myself and others, we decided not to go.

It is lucky, that there is also a Sunday Service in Schiedam and that one is live through Facebook. So I had followed that service.

The preaching was about Malachi 3:6-12 and was titled “Return to Me, and I will return to you, says the Lord Almighty”

The main focus was on tithing. Not only for giving financially but also by giving your time, sharing information, building relationships, and growing spiritually. The more we give our time, money, knowledge, share the Word, or build relationships with others, the Lord will give us more in return.

If you are interested in this sermon, you can find it through the Facebook page of Word International Ministries – NL

As always, please take care of yourself and stay safe.

God Bless


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