Praise Report Week 43, 2021

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Praise Report Week 43, 2021.

It is time for my Praise Report of Week 43, 2021. I hope you like to read them.

Every other Friday, there is the WIN Utrecht Couples Bibiel Study. Normally, we have 5 couples that are joining. This time we were with 3 couples. The study was about Ephesians 2:8-10

We learned that we are saved by grace and not by our own works. Thanks be to God for giving us His grace.

We also should stay humble. Everything we do is by the grace of God. Thanks to His guidance we can do and accomplish things. So it is not to us to boast about it.

Sunday Service.

On the last Sunday of the month, there is also one service before our service. Because of this, we start our setup a little bit later than normal. Things went well this time. Normally around 14:00, others will start to arrive and prepare for their practice. This also went well.

As always, the Praise and Worship songs were nice. It was a good combination of voices and everyone was joining in.

The offering song was done by our Pastor and his wife. The week before they had celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. And this song was a thank you to the Lord. For keeping them together through the easy and difficult times. It was the song “One Desire” by Lenny Leblanc.

The Sermon.

The sermon was about Hosea 1:10 and was titled “The Faithfulness of the Lord”

The verses that were preached about were from Hosea 1:1-11

It is about Hosea, Gomer, and the children they had. With this story, the writer wanted us to see how things go or are in our lives.

The conclusion of these verses is, that no matter how sinful our lives are, no matter what bad things we do, our Lord will never leave us or not have faith in us.

It is maybe a bit too complex to explain, but when you get the chance, you can watch the video through the Facebook page of the church. WIN-NL (Word Internation Ministries Netherlands. In general, every Sunday there is a live streaming of the service in Schiedam. And on Tuesday or Wednesday, there will be a video released of the service in Utrecht.

Pastors Appriciation.

It was also the Pastors Appreciation day. We would like to show our pastors how much we appreciate the work that they are doing. In the Utrecht location, one person from each bible study group or ministry gave a small prayer to the pastors and one or two bible verses. Each one was also given an orchid and a small gift.

If you think about it, our pastors are doing a lot. One member mentioned that sometimes he got the feeling or idea, that one pastor was split in two. It looked like that the pastor was in different places at the same time.

He is also leading several care and bible study groups.

As a closure, a final song was sung to our pastors. It was “Thank You”

As a closing for our service, we had a food fellowship. The last one was almost 2 years ago. We also celebrated the birthdays and anniversaries of October.


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