In this new menu option, I will place podcasts episodes.
For now, all episodes will be audio versions of the blog posts.
I am thinking of maybe now and then, release a bonus podcast.
But I will see how it goes.

The plan is, to release one episode per week.
This will then be on a Wednesday.

On Anchor and Spotify, you can select the “Follow” option so that every time a new episode is released, you will get a notification.
I hope you will enjoy these episodes.

Episode 26, A big step (for me). Pierre's Life and Thoughs

This episode is the audio version of the post I made on December 8, 2019 In this episode, I tell you what was the big step for me. As always, if you would like to read my blog posts, you can find them at pierredeman.nl I hope you will enjoy this episode.
  1. Episode 26, A big step (for me).
  2. Episode 25, Things are stable
  3. Epsiode 24, Another kidney stone update
  4. Episode 23, Still Tired Quick
  5. Episode 22, Rest(ing) is Taboo?

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