Some Update.

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Some Update.

Some updates about what is going on and maybe what is coming.

How are things going right now with my health and what maybe is coming on this blog? There are some things that are still in the “draft” or “idea” stage but I think I am able to just tell something about them.


In my previous post, I already mentioned that there is a small change in my medication. One of the medications I am using has been raised in dosage. In there I also mentioned that one side effect is really working on me. And that was diarrhea. After several days, it was gone. Things went well after that. Only now and then I could feel some “air” going around inside.

But suddenly last Sunday, the diarrhea was back again. No idea if I had eaten something wrong or if it was because of something else. Maybe having a late dinner, or taking my medication very late?

I cannot figure it out. Plus I am still using that medication, and I think it is also not really helping. I am already using this medication for a very long time and as far as I could remember, I only had some problems in the beginning. After that, I did not “suddenly” get diarrhea again. And if I had it, then maybe it was because I had eaten something wrong/bad.

Then, normally, after your stomach was empty, it could recover again. But now, every time I think my stomach should be empty by now, the next day the diarrhea is still there.

Right now, I just hope it will stop soon again because I am not really feeling well with it.

A Small Blog Update.

Maybe some of you still remember it. Around two years ago, I was interviewed for a small article for Harteraad. (You can find the original article here (Dutch only))

After that, I had registered for their New Letter. Once a month I am getting an email telling me that the new News Letter is out. You can read it online.

Last month I had just a quick look at their latest edition. And I saw a few nice articles of which I thought that it would be nice if others also could read them. Me, I could relate to those articles. The only thing is, that it is in Dutch. So I thought that maybe it would be nice if I could translate them into English.

Just to make sure, I contacted Harteraa and asked them for permission. The same day I already got a reply. They still remembered the interview they did with me and it was still on their website. I also was given permission to translate the articles that I wanted to use.

My idea was to translate them and tell my experience. They thought it was a nice idea. They had some small requests. If I would use the articles, I would mention the original source and maybe refer to the article on their website. And if it would be possible to read my post, before I would publish it.

The last was, that if I wrote the post if I also could mention them in it and mention what they are doing. What kind of organization they are and where people can find their website.

Of course, this would be no problem for me. It is nice to also help others and make others also aware of this organization. Maybe it also could help them. And it is also normal to mention the source.


So to give you some idea;

Harteraad is the center of expertise for living with cardiovascular diseases. They help people with cardiovascular disease and their loved ones with practical, social, and emotional support. Together with volunteers, often also experts by experience, Harteraad offers a safe place throughout the Netherlands for the exchange of knowledge, encounters, and experiences. So that you can live your life as optimally as possible, despite your condition. Read more about Harteraad
link to > (This is a Dutch website)

The Dutch version is;

Harteraad is hét expertisecentrum voor het leven met hart- en vaataandoeningen. Zij helpen mensen met een hart- of vaataandoening en hun naasten met praktische, sociale en emotionele steun. Samen met vrijwilligers, vaak ook ervaringsdeskundigen, in heel Nederland biedt Harteraad een veilige plek voor het uitwisselen van kennis, ontmoetingen en ervaringsverhalen. Zodat je je leven weer zo optimaal mogelijk kan leven, ondanks je aandoening. Lees meer over Harteraad
link naar >


Healthwise, I just hope that my diarrhea will be over soon. I think it will be maybe around October/November when I will have my next checkup. Then I also will know if the new dosage had its effect or not.

For the articles of Harteraad, I am not sure yet when I will write these. For me, I need to be in the writing mood. Also, I don’t know how long it will take for Harteraad to read the post and approve it. Only then I will post it publicly.

To be honest, I am a little excited about this. Using an article from someone else, getting permission to translate it, and telling my own experience of it. Hopefully, it is also helpful to others and it will give some idea of what I am feeling.

So, that is it for now. As always, please take care and be safe.
God Bless.


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