Building Scale Models.

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Building Scale Models.

Maybe some already know it. Earlier this year, I restarted an old hobby of mine. It is something that I did when I was in my teens.

Around the age of 12, I started to build my very first plastic scale model. I had no idea how to do this, so everything I learned, I learned it by trying. Of course, the first models were not that great. But the more you try it, the better you will get.

Also around that time, there was no internet. Everything you wanted to know, you had to read it from books. There were also no people around me, that had any knowledge of this.

In the years that followed, step by small step, I learned and got better. I even joined a model club.

In a normal month, I would build something like 1-3 models. I was really into it.

My Twenties.

Around the age of 18-20, I started to work. So, I had less time to build my models. Later on, I got married and after two years my son was born.

So, life took over and I stopped building models. But I never lost interest in it. Only when I had some time, I would visit some exhibitions and look at what others were building.

In that time I also slowly stopped the club that I had joined.

All the models that I had built in the years before, I kept them. But because I moved a few times, some broke during the move. It was a pity to throw them, but what else could you do with it.

During that time, I also had bought one or two models. Even when I knew that I did not have the time to build them. I just wanted them, that in case things would change, I had something. I even kept all the tools I had.

First Retry.

Around the end of 2004, I became unemployed. And in 2005 I had my first open-heart operation. Spending all the time at home for recovering, my hands started to itch a little.

A friend from us had built an RC car. Out of interest, I also had bought one. It was nice to do. I still have that car, but I am not doing much with it.

The remote is eating batteries like crazy. And the battery for the car will only last for maybe 20minutes.

Now and then, I would buy a small model and would try to build it. The problem at that time was, that I did not have a place for myself. I was building the models at the dining table. That means, that every time it was dinner time, I would pack up everything and put it on the side.

At one point, I had put it on the side and started to find a job and started working again. So things kept laying on the side. No time anymore.

One More Go.

After my second heart operation in 2013, I wanted to try building models again. So I started with a basic car model again. Still, every time putting things back in the box, because I was still using the dining table.

I finally had finished the model, but then I stopped again. My plan was still to find a fixed place for myself.

In 2021, my son moved out of the house, and I got the chance to create my own fixed place.

I started with a model that I bought back somewhere in the ’80s. It was a car model on a scale of 1:8. The car would be almost 60cm long. The parts are not that small, so I thought it would be a good thing to start with.

Just to get the hang and the feel for it again.

I also slowly started to buy new paint and glue. Also, things had changed and I had to “learn” how to use for example the paint. The paint that I am using now is on a water base. The advantage of this is, that there is hardly any smell. And the brush is easy to clean with water. If the paint is too thick, then you can just add a few drops of water.

Also the glue. The one from before had a very strong smell. Not everyone liked that. Now I have a glue that has a very light smell to it. But I still need to learn how to use it. Trying to figure out how much to use and how long you need to wait before the glue is hard.

I Will Continue.

The car that I started, is just finished. And to be very honest, I have already several models waiting in line.

Not like all the jokes and photos you sometimes see of people that have stacks of kits, ready to be built. I have now 4 models that are waiting for me.

Also, because I would like to share this with others, I had decided to make another website for this. I still had a domain where I was not doing anything with. So it was a good idea to make it active again.

I already have done the setup and posted something on it.

The plan is to post the builts of the models I still have and all that will follow. I would try to write something about the model and place some photos.

The idea is, also to write about building models. Mainly about how I started and what I am using. But also to emphasize that I am building these for fun and joy. I am still an amateur and have right now, no ambition to become a professional.

Maybe my models will not look perfect or there will be some mistakes in them, but that’s okay for me. And I would just like to share this with others. It doesn’t matter how it looks or if there is something wrong with it. It is your model and the important thing is that you enjoy it and have fun while doing it.

Don’t get me wrong. I like to watch well-built models and I am admiring them for being able to do it. But I am realistic and know that I am not like that right now.


To restart an old hobby is nice. It also brings back some memories of the past.

It also is a way to have some time for yourself and enjoy what you are doing. It is not so important that what you do is perfect. The joy and the fun are more important.

Because I like building scale models and writing, I have made a new website where I am combining these two things. Also the share the things I build. And tell something about building scale models.

Maybe I don’t know everything or I am not building perfect models, that is okay for me. And I hope that people see that and maybe also want to give it a go.

You can find the new website here.

I also would like to give a small warning. Building scale models can become an addiction. When you finished your first model, you will be very proud of it. So you will start looking for the next model. Before you know it, you will have several kits in stock. Because every time you start looking for the next kit to build, you will see so many others that are also nice to build. And before you know it, you have more models than you have time for.

I notice the same thing for me. But so far, I was able to control myself. I think, It also has got something to do with the fact, that it is not easy to find a shop where you can buy the models. Don’t get me wrong. There are enough shops, but most of them are webshops. In the past, you could just go to any toy store and buy the models. Now it is more online. I know several shops where you can still go and buy them. But they are not nearby. The reason why I like physical shops is that I like to hold the box and look at it before I will buy it. If you buy it online, you cannot touch the box and look at it.

Anyway, I hope you will check out my new website and who knows, maybe you also want to give it a go.

For now, please take care and stay safe.

God Bless

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