Not much

Not Much

It has been quiet here for some time.
Not much has happened.

Well, that said.
Life just continues.
And also for me, it has its ups and downs.

Some day’s you feel good.
Other day’s, hmm.
What shall I say?

Had my CRT-D checkup and things were ok.
They only saw that I was retaining water.
So my medication is changed again.
Next month several appointments for my kidney.
Just regular checkups.
I have a different specialist and let’s see what he will say about the kidney and kidney stone.

One or two weeks ago, suddenly heavy pain in my side and back.
It was on the side where the kidney stone is.
Got some meds from the doctor to ease the pain.
Did not really work that well, but after a few day’s the pain got less and suddenly was gone.
Hope it will stay like this for a while.
It’s not nice.

Still waiting for the renewal my driving license to be approved,
Already busy for 2 to 3 month’s but still no news.
I had read somewhere that maybe they wanted to make it so you are still allowed to drive while waiting for the approval.
The excuse is that it is too busy and too many forms to approve.

We will just wait.
Maybe also thinking of maybe also write about other things in life, besides my health.
But maybe I already had mentioned it a bit.
This writing is also like a therapy for me, to process things that are happening.
But for now, it looks like things are settling.
We hope for the best.


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