Needed an upgrade of my pacemaker (Part 2)

(Revised/Ipdated on Aug 18, 2020)

Needed an upgrade of my pacemaker (Part 2)

After waiting for some time, I got the letter from the hospital with the date for the exchange of my pacemaker.
November 21, 2018, would be the date.

But first, one day before that, I would have a check of my arteries.
To see if they are width enough, to place the extra lead that is needed.
And after the exchange, I have to stay one night.
Just to make sure that things are ok.

The checkup on November 20 was perfect.
Everything was ok to place the extra lead.

November 21, the big day is there.
A bit nervous, but that is normal.
Luckily, I did not have to wait too long before it would be my turn.
I had to report at the hospital at 10:00
They had informed me, that may be around 13:00 it would be my turn.

And at 13:00 it was my turn.
Went down to the room where they would do the exchange.
In the room, I got something to calm down.
And they prepared me for the procedure.
It was a local anesthesia.
They do this because, during the whole procedure, they want to talk to you to see if things are ok.

So during this, you can hear and feel a bit, of what they are doing.
You cannot see anything because of some kind of screen they had put, to protect you.

After 3 hours, all was done and I was brought back to my room.

Now I also was allowed to eat and drink again.
Everything was still a bit painful.
But I had a nice dinner and a good night’s sleep.
In the first hours, they check every hour if you are ok and if everything is working.
And if your blood pressure is ok.

The next day I was allowed to go home, with several instructions.
Mainly a list of things I was not allowed to do in the coming 6 weeks.
Not allowed to raise my arm above my shoulder.
Not allowed to carry heavy things.
Try to keep on moving my arm in certain ways, to prevent a frozen shoulder.
Not allowed to drive any car, my self.
Not allowed to ride a bicycle.
And avoid contact to the shoulder.

After two weeks, I also had my wound check and the first checkup of the new device, my CRT-D.
This all was ok.
The CRT-D was doing his thing and the wound looked ok.
My next checkup would be the end of January 2019

In the beginning, I was feeling ok.
I even felt like it had improved my fitness.
But, after 4-5 weeks I am feeling almost the same as before the exchange.
I already had read before, that maybe the improvements after the exchange, would be minimum.
But in the back of your mind, you are thinking that you would do much better.

Now slowly you start to realize that things are not much better than you thought.
They are almost the same as before.

Maybe just a small improvement.
Now it is time also to slowly accept this.
Why did I not notice a small improvement?
If I would walk up and down the stairs, I am tired again.
Or if I have a quick walk, tired again.

I know, I need to wait until my next checkup to know if there is some improvement or not.

Right now it is around 4-5 weeks after the exchange.
My shoulder slowly starts to feel better.
Only if I was busy that day, I can feel it.
Also in the afternoon, I still need my rest time.
The skin where the new device is placed is still tight.
This is also because the new device is a little bit bigger and thicker than the old one.
So the shoulder needs to “settle” to it again.

For now, I just take it easy.


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