My last physio session.

(Revised/Updated on Sep. 12, 2020)

My last Physio session.

Today was my last session of Physiotherapy.
I had 19 sessions in total.
Twice a week, one session.

Mixed feelings about this.
Or maybe my expectations were too high.

After my two heart operations, both times I also got physio.
From that, I remember that there was a difference from when I started and when it was finished.
I had a better condition afterward.
And my expectation was that this time, it would be the same.
But it wasn’t.

I had mentioned this during our closing talk.
They told me that this is different.
The first time, they are trying to get you back in shape.
This time it is more on getting confident again in your own body.
Getting in shape is only a very small part of it.
If you are getting back in shape, then it is a plus but not a must.

Learning more about your limits.
Finding your new limits.

Heart failure is something that will not recover.
It is damage to the heart which cannot be “repaired” with the physio.
Like in my case, my pump function is only 15%
With my ICD and medication, I am lucky if I could reach the 30-35%
And this physio will not help to improve it further.
They only can let it be stable.

All the exercises we had, with some imagination, I also could do them at home.
Lifting small weights, stretching, and maybe riding a bike, you can hold it stable.

With this physio, you are also among other people.
It is a bit more social than just staying at home.
But now we need to do it all by yourself.

Who knows.
Maybe when the weather gets better, I will start riding my bike again.
For now, I only will be in the hospital for my regular appointments and checkups.


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