What is this now again?

(Revised/Updated on August 6, 2020)
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What is this now again?

Last time I already had mentioned that you can have your good and bad days.
This day was a strange bad day.

The day started ok.
Easy on what I would do today.
Because the weather was reasonable, I first started in the garden.

The plants of the neighbor were growing over the fence.
And there was one with fairly large and thick spikes.
It looked like weeds.
So time to cut it.
Also, a lot of ivies were coming over the fence.
Also, time to cut it again.

This all went well until I suddenly got a big black spot in my field of vision.
A very strange sensation.
Wherever I looked, the stain was there.
Found out it was in my right eye.
If I squeezed my right eye shut, the stain was gone.
But yes, keeping your right eye closed all the time is not nice.
You also get a little disoriented.

Fortunately, after about 2-3 minutes it was gone.
Very weird.
Because I was almost done, I cleaned up the garden and went in for the next thing to do.
While I was sitting at the computer the next thing happened.

This had happened a few times before.
This time I was making an email, and suddenly it was as if you were looking cross-eyed.

I think you know it.
As a child, you sometimes joked with it.
However, this time it happened without me wanting it.
You can’t do much during this.
It is quite difficult and I could only wait.
After maybe 3 minutes this was over.

Strange, because normally I have 1 of these things on a different day.
And not two in a short time.
Anyway, I just continue with what I was doing.

And yes, there was number three.
While I was not doing anything special, I got to see all kinds of stars.
These started in a circle that then slowly got bigger until it disappears.
I had told this before to the doctor who thought that maybe it could be some kind of a migraine attack.

I have had this before but luckily never with a headache after the stars were gone.
Until this time.
The stars themselves did not last that long, but just after that, headache.
Not that strong, but enough to be very annoying.

No idea why today I got everything in one day.
I think I will tell them at the next checkup and see what they will say.


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