Still tired quick.

Still tired quick.

It’s been already a few weeks after my optimization echo but so far I did not notice any improvement.

The other day I was carrying a crate to the car.
In it were 3 glass platers with some desert.
Maybe I had to carry it for a 50 to 100meters, to the car.
This felt ok.

Once at home, I had to carry the crate from the car to the house.
If you want to go from the parking to the house, it’s maybe again 50-100meter and you need to go up a stair.
Once in the house, I felt a bit tired.
Strange because it was the same distance and the same crate.
But this time I had to go up a stair and maybe that was the problem.

In the afternoon I had to bring the crate from the house back to the car.
We had to go to a party that was around 45km further.
But after I had put the crate in the car, I was really tired.
The whole drive to the party, I felt tired.
That, maybe also in combination with the driving, it did not really relax me.
At the party, it also took several minutes before I felt not tired.

For me so far, it doesn’t look like the echo had help.

Maybe two to three weeks after the echo, I had a look in my file at the hospital.
With a special app and website, I have access to my record at the hospital.
There I already had seen a remark about the echo.
It mentions that the EF (pump function) was not improved but they were able to get better sync between the two heart chambers.

I did not hear anything yet from the specialist himself, but so far I also don’t have an appointment yet with him.
Only somewhere near the end of November, I had a general meeting with someone from Heart Failure.
Maybe then I will hear more.

For now, we just keep on doing our thing and still hope for some improvement.
And also wait to see what they will do about the kidney stone.


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