Optimization Echo

Optimization Echo

Finally, after waiting for the holidays to be over, I got my appointment for the optimization echo.
With this echo, they want to try to find the optimum setting for the pacemaker, to let the heart work at his optimum best.

This is not a guarantee, but at least we could give it a try and see if it can improve my life a bit.

For this, there were several people in the room.
The operator for the echo equipment.
A specialist for changing settings in my pacemaker.
And, what they called, an Echo Specialist.

They had a whole plan on paper with all the steps they had to follow and what settings they could try to change.
The Echo specialist told the pacemaker specialist what setting she wanted to have changed.
After this change was made, then the operator of the echo made some pictures/shots.

When that was done, then they compared it with the previous picture/shot and see if there was some improvement or not.
They did this several times and sometimes going back.
Just to make sure they saw it right.

The whole thing took around 1.5 to 2hours.
All that time you had to lay still on the table.
Because you are laying on your side, one arm was a bit under my head.
Also for some kind of support.
But after a while, you really need to stretch your arm, to get the blood going again.

In the end, the Echo Specialist already warned me.
“Don’t think that when you get off this table, you will feel much better.
This will take several weeks before you will notice a difference.”
Not what you maybe would like to hear, but I could understand it a bit.

In the day’s after this, I felt different on different day’s.
One day I would feel a bit nauseous.
The other day I would feel good.
I also noticed that for some reason, I had to go to the toilet a bit more.
Like I took a pee medication.
Luckily, this was only in the early mornings.

Right now, the nauseous look like it is gone.
It also looks like the blood pressure is down to a previous level.
In the day’s just after my appointment, it was higher than before.

So it looks like the body slowly is adjusting to the new settings.
Time will tell and I just wait for my next checkup.


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