Not Normal (and more)

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Not Normal (and more)

The weather temperatures we have at this moment is not normal.
Especially for people with illness or chronic issues.

For example people with heart problems.
Like me.
This very warm weather is not good.
At this moment, the temperature is around 34 degrees and in the coming days, this will go up further.

The warmer it gets, the harder the heart needs to work.
And when you also have heart failure, it is really difficult.
For example, doing the groceries.
I thought it is just a short walk in the supermarket.
But it has made me very tired.

In temperatures from around 25-27 degrees, it’s ok.
It is a nice temperature and for the heart, it is also ok.
With that temperature, if we do the groceries, I am fine.

They also advise you to drink a lot to keep hydrated.
That is nice, but when you have a liquid intake limitation, it is really hard.
For me, I use an app to keep track of how much I drink.
So it is easier for me to see when I will reach my limit and when I can still drink something more.

My liquid intake limits are between 1.5 and 2 liters per day.
This sounds ok, but keep in mind, that every liquid counts.
Like soup, yogurt, and also oranges.
Something that you do not really think of, but they count.

I am really sorry to say it, but I hope that this kind of hot weather will be over soon.

Pacemaker Checkup.

At the end of July 2020, I also had my regular pacemaker/ICD checkup again.
As I mentioned before, this is every half year.
Last time it was in January 2020, so it was time again.

It was a bit strange in the hospital.
Because of the COVID-19.
Normally the cardiology is crowded and almost all the chairs are taken.
But this time, I think we were only with 5-7 people.
Waiting for our turn.

Normally if they call out your name, you get up, walk to them and shake hands.
But for now, no handshaking.
And also trying to keep your distance.

In the room it self, it is no problem.
The space is big enough and when they do the checks, they are on the computer, more then 2 meters away from you.
They placed the regular clamps, to check the puls and place the receiver on the pacemaker.
As soon as it has made contact, they can remove it again and do the rest wireless.

Things were ok.
No errors or other strange things.
They also checked the the wires/leads and these also were ok.
The battery was still good for a mimimum of 5.5 years.
So for now, no worries.

They also always want to check your own heartbeat.
Just to see how much it is.
I always thought that my own heartbeat was around 45 or 50 beats per minute.
But she told me that it was 38 beats per minute.
Really low.
So, thank God for the pacemaker.

On to the next appoinment.

After the pacemaker checkup, I still had one more appointment.
This was with a nurse of the heart failure nurses.
It is also a regular check.
We just talk about how things are and how things are going.
If there are any things I would like to talk or ask about.

Normally things are ok, but this time I told her about a strange thing that I had.
It was in June 2020.
I suddenly got some pain/pressure on my chest, near the heart.
My left arm started to have a tingling.
I also got a strange sensation in my jaw, on the left side.

My first thought was that this is not good.
They always warn you about these kinds of things.
Because I am also known for hyperventilation, I tried some breathing exercises.
This helped a bit and after maybe 10 minutes, things were ok again.

It is difficult to say if it was something wrong with the heart or it was a hyperventilation attack.
Just out of safety, she told me that she would subscribe me some spray.
If I would get this feeling again, just sit down and spray the spray under my tongue.
Then it should be ok within 5 to 10 minutes.
If not, then call 112 (or 911)

Hopefully I don’t have to use it, but it is good to have it.
Just in case.

I also told her about being tired so much.
Not always have the energy or appetite to do something.
Because she also wanted to do some regular blood checks, she suggested to also check the iron level in the blood.
Low levels of iron also can cause these things of low energy and getting tired quickly.

More waiting.

And yes, my iron level was too low.
Normally they want to have it between 100 and 300
Mine was 25
So she registered me for an iron drip.
This will take place somewhere in September.
They will place the drip and it will run for 30minutes.

Then after 1 hour, you can leave again.
And it will take around 7 days before you can notice the difference.
She also told me that this will last for a long time.
We will wait and see, and for now, waiting for the scheduled time and date.

By now, I also got the new date for my kidney stone removal.
It will be on August 31, 2020.
From the day I received this date, until then, is one month.

That means, one more month of discomfort.
It is already one month after the first try.
Already one month of running to the toilet.
As long as I sit or lay down, it is ok.
But if I move after maybe 2-3 hours, then I need to run very quick to the toilet.

Also if we are walking or doing groceries, sometimes it takes 10 minutes, other times it can take a half-hour, but then suddenly I have the urge to go to the toilet.
Or if I had sit for 30 minutes and stand up, then run to the toilet.

So I had to do this for one more month?
No idea if I can keep this up.
With this in mind, I just called to the hospital to see if they have some advice for me to get through the coming month.

She suggested one more medication.
This one would relax the bladder and it would reduce the urge to need to go to the toilet.
So I said, YES, please.
Everything is better than nothing.

So one more tablet I need to take every day.
The list is getting longer, but as soon as the next try is successful, I can stop that medication.
There is one small downside to this medication.
It will take one week before it can have some effect.
But it will take one month before it can have its full effect.

A bit sad, more waiting.
But as what I already said, better this than nothing at all.


It starts to look that there is one theme in my life for this year.
And maybe can summaries it in one word, WAITING.

Maybe this is my word for this year?

Or maybe there are a few more words that I can add.
Like perseverance, patience, hope, trust, faith.

Hope you all stay safe and take care.
And for those who also have problems with the warm/hot weather, take it easy, keep hydrated.

God Bless


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