Not Expected this.

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Not Expected This.

Actually, I already started to write a different post.
And my idea was, to write this post a bit later.
Because after the removal of the kidney stone, I had three appointments following and wanted to put it all in one post.
But as the title already says, I did not expect that this would happen.
So the other post is on hold for now.

First Appointment.

After they had removed the kidney stone on August 31, 2020, I would have several followup appointments.
I also had mentioned this in my post “Its Finally Gone“.

After they had “crushed/lasered” the kidney stone, they had placed what they called a Double J catheter.
This is a thin tube with on each end a curl.
It is some kind of memory plastic.
It is very easy to stretch it out so it looks straight.

But as soon as you let go of the ends, both ends will curl up.
The curls also have very small holes in it and the thin tube itself is also hollow.
So all the water/urine that comes out of the kidney, can go through it, to the bladder.

This tube, they had placed it in the passage between the kidney and the bladder.
So the water/urine could flow without any problem.
And also the grid of the kidney stone could also flush out this way.

This tube will normally stay in that passage between the kidney and the bladder, for around 2 weeks.
After that, they will remove it.

The first appointment was to remove that Double J catheter.
And of course, I was wondering how they could remove it when it has those curls at both ends.
The doctor explained to me, that the catheter is made of memory plastic.
So, when they take or pull it out, it becomes straight.

When I left the hospital, they already gave me a box with something like a silicon stick and on the end, there was a small magnet.
At the end of the curl of the Double J catheter, that is in the bladder, there is a small metal piece.
They will insert the silicon stick in your urine way and slide it up until they go into the bladder.

Then they will move it up and down a bit and it is like they are searching for something.
Until you can hear some kind of a “click”
This is when the small metal piece at the end of the curl, it connected to the magnet.

When they heard this, then they will start pulling out the stick and in the process, it will stretch out the Double J catheter, and that way they can pull it out completely.

It is a very strange feeling.
From the time they insert the silicon stick until it’s connected to the Double J catheter and they pull everything out.
But to my surprise, it was not painful.
Just a very strange feeling.

The Second Appointment.

In a previous post, “Being Tested?” I already explained how uncomfortable it was to have the first Double J catheter.
This last catheter was much better.
It was not so uncomfortable and I did not have to run to the toilet that often.

After they had removed the Double J catheter, then after around 10 day’s I would have the second appointment.
This would be to check the kidney and see if things are flowing and going the way it should be.

For myself, I thought that things were going okay.
Only on the second day after they had removed the Double J catheter, I had some heavy pains.
But with taking paracetamol on a very regular base, it was okay.
At least I still could go to the toilet in a normal way and did not have to run to it.

On October 2, 2020, I had that check.
It was an Echo of the kidney.
First, they had checked the kidney on the right side, so they had something to compare it with.
Then he moved to the kidney on the left.

And immediately the doctor said that it’s not good.
Then he showed me on the monitor of the Echo machine.
He told me that there is a lot of water/urine in the kidney, and at the beginning of the passage to the bladder.
The passage to the bladder is blocked, he said.

With the Echo, he could not look further down the passage, but he would talk with me in his office and talk about, what to do next.

Not So Nice.

He could see that I was wondering how this blockage was possible.
He told me, that he thinks that the grid of the kidney stone, some how got stuck in the passage.
The rest of the grid was pilling on to it, and so it blocked the passage.

He explained to me that this is not a good thing.
Because there is urine/water collecting in what they call the renal pelvis.
(This is a small area between the kidney and the passage to the bladder.)
When this gets full, it will start pushing on the kidney.
As a result that the kidney slowly will stop working.

So action is needed and if can, as soon as possible.
It was already Friday, but if it was up to him, he would admit me again on a Monday.
But of course, they need to plan this and see when and where they have space and time to help me.

He told me, that what they could do, is again place a Double J catheter.
So the urine/water could flow again and would release the pressure on the kidney.
And in the process, he hopes that when they place the Double J catheter, they could move or remove the blockage.

But for now, he has no idea where the blockage is exactly.
So he made an appointment for an “emergency CT-Scan”
Instead of waiting for an appointment, they would try to squeeze me in on that day.
And after one phone call, they could do the scan, over 1 hour.

He also tried to see, how fast they could admit me and plan for the placing of the Double J catheter.
Later that day, I heard that it would be October 8, 2020
The time is still not known, but they will call two days before that date, to inform me about the time.

Going Through It Again.

For me, it means that I need to go through it again.
Well, almost.

It means, I need to be admitted again.
Three days before that, I need to stop with my blood thinner medication.
Two days before, and for three to four days after, I need to start again with the injections.
Not really looking forward to that, but that’s how it is.

Report again, early in the morning.
Have a very early light breakfast, again.
Just two crackers with jam and some tea.
Go under full anesthesia, again.

If things go okay, then I think, the same day I can go home again.
But this is still not sure.
I will know and hear more, the moment that I will be admitted.
And of course, it also will depend on how things go with the placing of the Double J catheter and the blockage.

And hopefully, after they had placed the new Double J catheter, I don’t have so much pain from it.
Hopefully, I don’t need to run to the toilet so often, again.
The doctor knew about my problems from the first Double J catheter, so he said that they will try to see if they can place a different make and model.
Just to see if this will give me less or problems.

And then, if things go okay, then after maybe two to three weeks, they will remove the Double J catheter again.

And That Third Appointment?

I still have that third appointment.
That would be a CT-scan with contrast fluid.
The plan is that this would take place on October 13, 2020.

The doctor told me that he would leave that appointment.
It will be after the placing of that new Double J catheter and it is also for a different doctor.
This CT-scan would be of the kidney, to see if the stone was gone.
And maybe also to see how the kidney looks.

I think it is also good to leave it the way it is.
Maybe if they need to reschedule that, who knows when it will be then.


For me, already since July 1, I am taking paracetamol every day.
In the beginning, it was something like 8 pieces per day.
Four times a day, two pieces.
And slowly reducing it.

At this moment I am taking 5 paracetamol per day.
I know, that if I take less, I can slowly feel the pain in my side.
So it is already around a bit more than 3 months that I am taking these.
And for sure, the first week(s) after they had placed the new Double J catheter, I still need to take them.

This kind of a result of the Echo was not really the news I was hoping or looking forward too.
And you can start with all the “Why” questions again.
But I already know that I cannot get all the answers to that.

Of course, it is frustrating and disappointing.
But what can I do about it?
At least I have some idea, about what I can expect.

So many people already prayed for me and gave me virtual hugs, when I announced this current turn of events.
This helps a lot and I would like to thank you all for this.
It is very much appreciated.

For now, I hope you take care and stay safe in this pandemic time and please take care.
God Bless


10 thoughts on “Not Expected this.

  1. Dear Bro. Pierre,

    Please, know that you have been in my prayers and will not tire doing so. For I know that our God alone can heal you and restore your good health.

    I pray that the Lord will give your doctor His wisdom and guidance in all the moves that he will take to find the best solution to your health issue and that all will be well with you.

    Meanwhile, as you wait for your next appointment, I speak blessings of strength, joy and peace in the midst of your discomfort at the moment.

    God’s richest blessings be to you now and forever more.

    In His love,

  2. Dear Bro Pierre
    Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you ( Deuteronomy 31:6)

    May God give you the strength and endurance in the coming days. The journey is not easy and no matter what lies ahead of you, God is already there.

    In prayer with you for complete recovery.

    God bless… Fai Lan

  3. Dear Bro. Pierre,

    Our God is a Great Physician and compassionate to heal the sick, we are interceding and praying for you the scriptures says in James 5:15-16 And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. 16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. God will hear your prayer and our prayer. Looking forward that miracles is going to happen because God is with you.

    In prayer, Susan and Rijk

  4. Dear Bro. Pierre,

    Praying for complete healing of your kidney and complete removal of the block in between with the scheduled operation tomorrow and praying all will go well. Jesus is our divine physician and He is healer of those who are sick. God’s loving care and protection be with you.

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