Next health problem.

(Revised/Updated on August 14, 2020)

Next health problem.

I am not sure about the whole sequence, especially in the beginning.
But I think you get the idea of the whole story.

After my 3 months in the hospital, I slowly recovered from everything.
I also was getting used to my problems with my eyesight.
(But you can read it in my other posts)

At one point, my doctor had called me and wanted to make an appointment for a cholesterol checkup.
This because of the brain hemorrhage I had had.
But I already told them that it was not because of problems with my heart or blood but because of the bacteria that had grown on my heart valve.

Anyway, I had to go.
I had all kinds of checks 
And my next appointment would be in three months.
No problem.
Everything went well for several checks.
Until they discovered an impaired kidney function.

Around this time, we also had gone on holiday for one month, to The Philippines.
Just to relax from all the problems we had in the past year.
We went in December 2014 so we could celebrate Christmas there.

Somewhere in the middle of the month, suddenly I had terrible pain in my lower back.
First, we just thought that it was because of the bed and the way we slept.
There was not a good mattress on the bed.

No matter what we tried, I could not bear the pain anymore.
So we called an ambulance that brought us to the nearest hospital in the city nearby.
After some heavy painkillers, I was finally able to sleep that night, in the hospital.
The next day, had some x-rays and echoes.

They discovered that in one kidney I had a stone and the other looked like it was infected/enlarged.
I spend three days in the hospital.
Not that modern as we were used to, but there was no other way.
When I heard about the stone, I was already thinking of telling them to just give me painkillers until we got back home.
Then I would go to the hospital here to remove the stone.
I did not want them to remove it there in the hospital.

But after three days, all the pain was gone and we could enjoy the rest of our holiday.
Still careful of what we eat and drink.

After returning home, I made an appointment with the doctor and hospital for a good checkup.
But they could not find anything.
Because of the other problem with the kidney, they had advised me to see a specialist in the hospital for a better check of everything.

So, more medications and more checkups.
And come back every three to four months.

Slowly on, things were going better.
Then, around May 2018, my kidney was stable.
They discovered a new kidney stone in my left kidney.

So I was recommended to a different specialist in the hospital.
During that appointment, he showed me the x-ray of the kidney and the stone.
According to the records, it was a stone of oval shape and the size was 2 cm.

The specialist told me, that because of my heart medications, he didn’t want to do anything.
If he wanted to do anything, I had to stop some medication but I needed those because of my heart.
Everything they could do involved blood.
So for the time being, I had to learn to live with a kidney stone.

I had to watch what I eat and drink a lot.
Just to keep things flowing and cleansing.
And come back in 6 months for the next check and see if the stone is still there and what the size would be.

One of our friends told me to drink some kind of special tea.
This would be good for the kidney.
Why not just give it a try?

So, we looked around and found it in a health shop.
Just some tea bags and just drink it warm.
Since then, I drink one cup of tea in the evening.
We hoped that this would help to shrink or remove the stone.
For now, we only can hope and wait for the next checkup and see if it had helped.


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