Kidney stone Update

Kidney stone Update

So after the summer holidays, I would receive a call from my kidney specialist regarding “What to do with the kidney stone”.

It was discussed in the team and they had three options. The discussion was more, to see what they think is best and are there any other options.
They had three options.

– Small operation from the side, then go to the kidney and remove the stone through the small hole that was created.
For this, I would have to stop some of my heart medications.
The blood thinner. And maybe switch to some other kind of blood thinner.
Then after the whole procedure, then start up the previous medications again.
One of the risks with this is, that there is a lot of blood loss. And maybe a small chance of infection.

– The second option is, to go with a small laser, up the natural way, to the blatter and after that to the kidney.
Then with the laser, try to crush or cut the kidney stone in smaller pieces.
They don’t know of what the stone is build-up from. So they don’t know if it is a hard or soft stone.
So there could be a chance, that they need to repeat this procedure one or two times. But they hope they could do it in one go.
So there would be less pain then if you would go in for a second time.

– The last option is to leave the stone and just let it grow.
Of course, I need to have a check and see a dietitian and change my eating.
With this, the stone maybe will grow slower but the kidney also will stop working slowly.
Not an nice forecast, and also not something they favor.
This because of the heart condition and also because I already have a reduced kidney function (What is stable at the moment).

They have chosen for the second option.
We agreed that I will think about it and talk it over with my family.
So, the next appointment will be in the month of October and then make the final decision.
But it looks like it will be option 2, with the condition that I will stay maybe one or two days extra for observation.
(This because of the heart condition)

To be continued.


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