Kidney stone checkup/update

(Revised/Updated on Sep. 12, 2020)

Kidney stone checkup/update

The month of June had a few mixed things going on.
Got one year older and had to get the result of the checkup for the kidney.

A few days back, I had a CT-scan of the kidney and also had to pass by the lab.
And today I had an appointment with the urologist for the results.
It was also the first time we had met because the previous doctor had retired.

Nice doctor and he took his time to explain everything slow and easy.
On the CT-scan they had seen that the stone had grown.
It went from a measurable size of 31mm to a size of 38mm.

I know from the last scan that I had seen, that the stone is oval-shaped.
And now in one year’s time, it had grown 7mm.
Actually, already last time, the advice was to see if they could remove the stone.
But because of my heart condition, he did not want to do anything yet.

This doctor has the same thing.
The stone has a size, that action should be taken.
But because of my heart condition and the medication I am taking, they don’t want to do anything yet/still.
Everything involves blood and maybe stress to the heart.
And I should stop some medication before any procedure.
But to stop some medication is not a real option.

So we agreed, to wait until I had my heart checkup, in the month of July.
After that, he will contact me again and see how things are with the heart and how my cardiologist thinks about it.


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