It is going to happen

It is going to happen.

As I had mention in a previous post, I was scheduled for an operation.
This was to remove my kidney stone.
It was scheduled for the end of March 2020.

But because of the COVID-19 and the lockdown, I decided to cancel this appointment.
I did not feel comfortable with it.
And the waiting started.
I was hoping that it would be after the whole COVID-19 pandemic.

But the new appointment already arrived and now it is for July 1, 2020.
Then I will be admitted to the hospital and on that date, the operation will take place.


Two to three days before the operation, I will get a phone call.
They will inform me, at what time the operation will take place.
And they will have a questionnaire.
Just to make sure that things are ok and there were no changes since the last questionnaire I had filled in.

I think they also will inform about my current health condition.

Also there was a whole list of things I need to take care of before entering the hospital and during my stay in the hospital.

I need to come alone.
No one can accompany me inside.
They can drop me off at the Kiss & Ride zone.

I should not have a cough, or by tired, or have pain in the stomach.
No fever or cold.
In the hospital, still, keep the 1.5-meter distance from others.
No handshaking.
Go direct to the appointed room or floor.

During my stay, keep on washing hands, don’t touch things when it is not needed.
Cover my mouth and noose, when sneezing or coughing.
Visitors are allowed, but only 1 person in the evening from 19:00 to 20:00
No changing of visitors.

When I am discharged from the hospital, I need to exit the hospital by myself.
No partner or anyone to accompany me.
Immediately leave the hospital and don’t stay around inside.
If there is someone to pick me up, this can be in the Kiss & Ride zone.


Three days before the operation, I need to stop one of my medications.
This is the blood thinner.
Instead of that tablet, I need to inject a similair medication.
Two times a day.

Six hours before the operation, I am only allowed one or two crackers with jam or sugar.
For drinks, only clear drinks.
No milk or yogurt.
Just tea or water or any other clear juice.

Two hours before the operation, I am not allowed to eat anything anymore.
If I need to take my medication, I can.
But only with a little bit of water.

This all because I will go under a full anesthesia.
And they just want to make sure that your stomach or bladder is not full.

Also during the whole operation, they will turn off a small part of my pacemaker.
The part that they will turn off, is the one that can give the electric shock.
Because there is a chance that during the operation, my pacemaker can think that there is something wrong with my heart, and it can give out a electric shock.
This is not so nice for the one that is doing the operation.

When the operation is finished, they will turn this part back on again.

After care.

Normally, after the operation, you will stay for one night.

Just to make sure if things are ok.
To make sure I can pee.

There is a chance that I can have colic pains.
This is normal.
In that case, I am only allowed to take paracetamol.
Nothing else.
I hope this will not happen because I know that these can be very painful.
And if I only can take paracetamol, it will take several days before these will have some effect.

After all of this, they will make a followup appointment, to check if the whole stone is gone.
Because if this is not the case, then they need to repeat the whole thing again, to remove the rest of the stone.

Mixed Feelings.

I have mixed feelings about this.

It is ok that it will take place.
It’s a bit quick, but ok, so be it.

I will trust that things will go the way it should be.
But as we humans, there is always that doubt.
We pray for a good operation and a quick recovery.
But still, you are nervous.
This is a human thing.

It will be the third time, I will go under a full anesthesia.
The first was in 2005 for the heart operation.
The second was 2013, again for a heart operation.
And I remember, that after each time, you are changed a little bit.
A bit more emotional.

In the hospital, I even saw people who became mentally unstable.
They had dreams about strange things and saw that also in real life.
I felt sorry for these people.
But I will trust the Lord and the doctors, that they will do there best.
That I will come out fine.

Already starting to be a little bit nervous.
And I will do my best to keep myself busy the whole day, so I don’t think about it.


I know, maybe the operation doesn’t sound that big of a deal, and I also hope and pray that it is and things will go ok.
But all the mental or spiritual support is welcome.

If you would like to include me in your prayers, this would be very much appreciated.
Or if you would just like to keep me in your mind on that day, it also would be nice.

For now, you all take care and stay save.
And I will do the same.

God Bless


14 thoughts on “It is going to happen

  1. In prayer with you Bro Pierre that that the procedure would be smooth. May you receive God’s peace, comfort and strength in the coming days.

  2. We pray for you and your family, trust in God because hé is our healer.

    Take care Pierre,


  3. We pray for your corming operation to be successful and may God presence is in you and your family. In Mark 11:24 , Therefore I say unto you, What things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive it and you shall have it.
    God bless,

  4. Hi Pierre,
    You will see that the operation will be like a dream and you will not realize what is happening.
    It’s natural to feel some nervousness because of the surgery; I would feel it if I were in your shoes, but I have confidence that everything will be fine. God will take care of you and help you in your fast recovery.
    We will all be praying for you and for the doctors who will operate. You will see that God will guide and accompany you for everything to be perfect.

    God bless and see you later 😊

    Jan and Aloha

  5. Dear Bro. Pierre,
    Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts about your coming operation and the protocol for the patients, who have to navigate being alone for safety measures. It gave me better understanding of what patients face during this Covid-19 situation . We pray for good preparation and rest for your body and God’s guidance and wisdom for your doctor. We pray for successful removal of all your gall stones on July 1 and God’s protection and healing for you. Remember always, God is on your side
    Sis. Ching with Bro. Bani

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