Another Kidney Stone Update

Another Kidney Stone Update

This week had an appointment with the urologist.
We would discuss about “What we will do about the kidney stone”
During our last telephone talk, he already had mentioned what options there are and what would be the best one.

So it’s confirmed, it will be a procedure they call “ureteroscopy”
Maybe it is a bit complicated, but they have a very small instrument and it will go up the natural way the urine goes.
It will go up to the bladder and further up to the kidney.
This instrument also has a small laser and with that, they want to try to chip off some small pieces of the kidney stone.
So it could get out in a natural way.

There is no guarantee that they can do this at one time.
They predict that it will take at least two times.
But there will be a two week resting period between each time.
During this time, they can check and see if there is still something left or if it is out.

During this procedure, I will be under full anesthesia.
They can not do this under local anesthesia because that will have some negative effects.
And to make sure, you need to stay over for one or two nights.
Just to make sure you are ok and the urine can have his natural flow.

It is not 100% sure yet when this will take place.
It can take a few weeks/months before there is available space.
Luckily, I am not in pain, so it is ok with me.
But their estimation is that it could be somewhere in February 2020

After our meeting, I had visited the department for pre-operation.
They will collect all the needed information before you are admitted for the procedure.
I had a talk with three different people.
Pharmacist, the one that will do the anesthesia and the nursing department.
So everyone should be well informed.
Then it will take less time when you are admitted.

Until then, the only thing we can do is wait.
To be continued.


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