A (Scary) Moment

A (Scary) Moment

A (scary) moment.

People who follow my blog, know that very recently I posted my previous post. It was about the blood results that I had gotten. You can find the post HERE.

I posted that post last Monday, at the end of the afternoon. While I was busy finishing and posting that post and sharing it on FaceBook, suddenly there was a pressure on my chest. In the past, I had this before, but then It only lasted for a few seconds and then it was gone.

When it started I also thought that it would last for a few seconds. But it was different. This time it lasted longer and the longer it lasted, the more it moved to the left side of my chest and the pressure was getting more. This was new to me.

I quickly finished sharing my post and lay down on the bed.

This Was New

The pain was more intense than before. While I lay down on the bed, I tried to relax. In the back of my mind, I was thinking to prevent Hyper Ventilation. When you get in a “panic” it is easy to start hyperventilating. This only will make it worse.

Very slowly, the pressure became less. For some reason, I thought that maybe it would be better if I would lay down on the couch downstairs. Maybe also, because there is a big fan on the ceiling above the couch and maybe this would help.

Once on the couch, I tried to get my breathing under control. This helped a little. The pressure on my chest went slowly away. But instead of that, I became nauseous and I also started sweating. Again I tried to get my breathing under control because at first, I thought that maybe it was the start of hyperventilating.

It did not really work. Just to make sure, I got up because I wanted to check my blood pressure. This looked normal to me. Also, my temperature was normal. Slowly I was thinking of maybe calling the GP emergency number and checking with them. But I was very hesitant about it.

The sweating slowly was getting less. I also checked on Google, and the symptoms of pressure on the chest, sweating, and nauseous. The things that I could find and see was, to call the emergency. I thought that it would be too much.


Because of the things I saw, I decided, very reluctantly, to call the GP emergency number. I told them what had happened, told them my blood pressure, and that I was still a little bit nauseous. The nurse/assistant noted down everything and also checked my medical files. She told me that she would discuss this with the GP on duty if I could hold. No problem. She also asked me, what I thought that maybe the GP could help me with. To be honest, I have no idea. I just wanted to hear something.

After maybe 1-2 minutes she was back on the phone. She had discussed it with the GP and they wanted to have an ECG of the heart. The next thing she said, shocked me a bit and I also thought that it was too much. She said that they would send an ambulance to me, so they could make the ECG. Depending on what they found, the next step would be taken.

And indeed, within 5-10 minutes, the ambulance was there.


When they came in, immediately they started the unpack all the things that they needed for the ECG. After talking and checking me, they started to hook up the machine. Also sensors for oxygen and blood pressure.

The ECG was made and asked how I felt. I felt okay. While I was waiting for them, the nauseous disappeared. According to them, the ECG looked okay, but there were some things on it. I told them about my pacemaker and that it was not working right. She told me, that that was the thing they saw on the ECG. Right now, they did not see any reason for me to go with them to the hospital. But to make sure, they wanted to check this also with the specialist of the hospital where I am a patient.

According to them, the ECG that they had just made, looked the same as the one the hospital had on file. So it was not needed to bring me to the hospital. I was already happy with that. Else I would be there again and who else knows what would happen again.

But, they would try to make a follow-up appointment and see how things were going.

The Next Day

The rest of the evening, everything was okay.

The next day, I just called the Heart Failure group in the hospital because I wanted to check something with them. The evening before I remembered that in the past they had given me some kind of Nitro spray.

According to the nurse, what I had done the day before is that I acted correctly. But next time this happens again, I could use the Nitro spray. Use it according to the instructions. If after 5-10 minutes there is no improvement, then use it again. If there is still no improvement, then call the emergency. But when I use the spray, I need to make sure that I sit down. This spray lowers the blood pressure and it could happen that I could fall.

In the system, she also saw that there was an order for a follow-up appointment. I have some idea, they want to combine it with an appointment that I already have at the end of July with a heart failure specialist. We will wait and see.

Medication Change.

Later that day, I also got a call from my GP assistant. She had seen the rapport in their system and asked me how I was. I was fine. She informed me that she also had a talk with my GP in regard to my high cholesterol. They thought that a talk about diet and more exercise would not help. They wanted to change some medication.

I am already using medication for high cholesterol. They did not want to raise the dosage from that one. Instead, the advice was to switch to a different medication. This could be of more benefit to me. Now I need to stop the one I am using and switch to the new one. I will get enough for one month and after that, they want to check my blood again and maybe also do the sugar check again. After that, see what the next step would be.


This was all new to me. It was a little bit more intense than before. At least now I know what I could do if it would happen again. I am also thinking of keeping that Nitro spray near me. You never know when I need it next time.

When this is going on, so many things go through your mind. The one thing that went through my mind was, I hope I don’t need to go to the hospital. Of course, it is good to go to the hospital because they can help you and monitor you. But every time I need to think back, I came for something and had to stay longer than planned.

I also was told by the heart failure group nurse, that if I notice that I am using the nitro spray more than normal, I also need to inform them. Because then maybe there is really something going on. I just hope and pray that that will not be the case, but as I said, I know that there is help nearby, when needed.

Do I have some idea of what could have caused this? Not really. The only thing we maybe could think of is that it is maybe a combination of things. That morning I had to go to the supermarket to buy some things for the house. I went home and cleaned the big fish tank. When this was done, I looked at the smaller fish tank and that one also really needed to be cleaned. The light in there was broken, so I walked to the supermarket nearby to buy a light bulb. Once home, I also cleaned that fish tank. Maybe it was too much that day. Also, it was a bit warm, that day. Maybe it was all too much?

So far, 2023 is not my year. So many things going on. I just hope and pray that the next half of the year will be better.

As always, please take care and be safe. God Bless

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