More Tests and Checkups

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More Tests and Checkups

More tests and checkups are to come in September.

As you may have read in my previous post, I am still coughing. A Lot. Especially if I need to talk. Also, I had some problems with sleeping because as soon as I lay down in bed, I am out of breath and it is hard to breathe.

I had informed my heart failure specialist and he wanted to wait and see how my talk with the lung specialist would go and what their next would be.

The Lung Specialist

Last Friday, August 25, I had a telephone appointment with the lung specialist. She asked me how things were going. With coughing now and then, I told her that things had not changed. She said that she could hear that I was still coughing.

I told her about the difficult weekend that I had, that I had problems falling asleep, and that I was still coughing. And that I am slowly on getting crazy. I also told her about the current medication and what my thoughts were about the coughing.

That slowly on, I am thinking that maybe I have the endocarditisch. But for this, you also need to have a fever, and I don’t have this. Maybe it is the medication, but according to her, this also should not be the case.

Further, I could not think of anything, maybe except that there is some bacteria in the blood again. But I cannot check this. She also had no idea quickly of what it could be.

Lung and Blood Tests

She suggested doing some more extensive lung tests and checkups of the blood. To see if maybe there is something going on there. The blood tests are more to check if there may be some bacteria in the blood, but also to check for other things. I already saw the form for the lab, but for most of the things I have no idea what they are looking for.

The other thing is, just to make sure, one more x-ray of the lungs. She also wants to do a pulmonary function test. I have no idea what they will do or what they can check with it. I only know that it will be to check the lungs.

The next day I checked the app from the hospital, just to see if there were already dates known for the tests.

The Dates Are In

On September 20, I first will have an x-ray of the lungs. Then, after that, I will have the pulmonary function test. Then on September 22, I will have a personal meeting with the lung specialist to talk about the results and see what the next step will be.

There also was a remark, that at least 5 days before September 20, I need to go to the lab, for a blood test. I saw two forms for that, that I need to bring.

More Blood Tests

My GP, also wanted me to do some blood tests, around that same date. This would be to check my sugar and cholesterol. And that one week after that, she also would call me with the results. I checked with them to see if maybe I could do that blood test together with the one I need to do for the lung specialist. According to them, this would not be a problem.

For me, it means that I only need to go to the lab one time. But it also means that maybe that one time, they will take more blood. I think it is better to do it all at once, then that I need to come back a few days later for more blood.

More Medication

The lung specialist suggested again that I would take the inhaler. This could help with the coughing. According to her, there is no harm in trying it. If it works, then it is good.

So I can add one more medication to my list.

The other day I could pick it up at the pharmacy. She asked me if it was the first time that I would use this medication. I confirmed this. She explained how to use it. After that, she told me what the side effects could be. A dry mouth and/or coughing. Yes, I heard it right. One of the side effects is coughing. I almost wanted to say something about it, but I kept it to myself. I thought I would just try it and see.

I could use this medication 4 times a day. Maximum. I think I will first start with using it 3 times a day and see how that goes. If there is a slight improvement, then maybe I will try it 4 times a day. But for now, I think that 3 times a day is enough.


So far I have used the inhaler for one full day. And I must say, I am still coughing. I know, sometimes it will take a few days before some medication has some effect. So I will just continue.

For the rest, I am just thinking, more tests. And I just hope that it will have some results. Or at least I hope they can see what is wrong.

Slowly on, I am getting doubts. Why this year is so bad for my health? Did the pneumonia do more damage than I/we think? Is the part of me being tired so quickly, maybe also part of that? Or is it my heart failure getting worse?

So many questions and sometimes you just want to talk or share your thoughts about it with someone. But who? On FB I am part of a heart failure group. People with the same heart condition. But sometimes when I read those messages, I get tired of it. So many complaints, so many negative things. I sometimes have the urge to just leave the group. But other times, you read a question to which I can relate and share my thoughts and experience. And people appreciate it. And try to share the pain/trouble with you.

It is not easy. But as I say regularly, I don’t give up. I will push on. And of course, I pray for it. For wisdom, and guidance. Not only for me but also for the doctors who will handle my case.

I will leave it by this for now.

As I always say, please take care and stay safe. God Bless.


6 thoughts on “More Tests and Checkups

  1. Heel veel sterkte Pierre. Wat een geduld. Maar eens moet iemand toch de oorzaak van alle ellende vinden. En natuurlijk een passende behandeling. Als dat lukt vergeet je alle sores hopelijk snel.
    Sterkte en beterschap. Dick

  2. You do not hear from us often but know we always pray for your healing. I know you *hear* people say you’re such a strong person …even though at times you do not *feel* it.
    We admire your courage and strength which you have always acknowledged comes from God.
    You’ve got this ((Our Brother)) as God is on
    Your side.

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