Making My Own App.

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Making My Own App.

In several of my previous posts, I mentioned that I am making my own app. I am already busy with it for several weeks. Not working on it every day but only now and then.

And in the past few days, I was working on it again. It is not easy to make your own app in one go, so, now and then I will add a new part to it. It also depends on my mood and if I also have other things to do or not.

In spite of the warm weather these last few days, I found the energy to work on it again.

Adding a New Part.

Last week I already decided that I wanted to add something additional to the app. So far I had the possibility to add some of the measurements I am taking over the week. Just to get the hang of it and how things work for making an app. These parts worked great. I could add data and also have a graph in it so it is quick to see how things go.

But lately, I noticed in the app I am normally using, that one of my medications is not really accurate. Before I add my new stock, I always will count what I have, and what I had get from the pharmacy. But what I have, according to the app, is different from what I really have. I noticed this already a few times. And it was annoying me a little. I got the feeling that I could not really trust the app that I am already using for many years.

So I decided to add a new option to my own app. A way to keep track of that certain medication. Just with a single button, it will deduct the medication I am taking and with the other button, it can add the new tablets. It is a little bit quicker and I can make fewer mistakes.

This new option is working great, so far.

Changing The Layout.

But I noticed, that at the bottom of my app, that is was getting a bit crowded. Too many options/choices.

After asking for help in the app community, some other users came up with an option. I was looking or asking if it is possible to have tabs within other tabs. So a different screen behind one screen.

In my mind, I was already thinking that if this would not be possible, then maybe I had to switch to another no-code/low-code platform. And that also would mean that I had to learn that also and maybe start all over again. This was already something I was thinking of for some time, but I was still hoping that I could do this later.

I was lucky. One of the other platform users came up with a solution. It took me some time to figure it out and I also had to think of a way so it would work for me. With the warm weather we have at this moment, for me, it is not easy. At some times, it looked like my brain was offline.

But today I finally managed to figure it out and got it to work for my situation.

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Learning Other Platforms.

I am happy with the result so far. I did not install it on my phone yet, but I will do it soon.

In the back of my mind, I am still thinking of learning one or two more other no-code/low-code platforms. This could get handy one day. And else it is good to expand my knowledge.

I also find it interesting to see how those other platforms work. I already found two that have my interest. And the nice part is, as far as I can see, they are free. Maybe only the part in the background, where all the data is stored, maybe in the long run you need to pay for it. But what I have seen, is that they are very small amounts.

Each platform has its own advantage and disadvantage. But I think that only by using it, I can find out what will work for me.


For now, I will continue on the platform I am using now. And for sure, many times I will ask for help from other, more experienced, users of the platform. Everyone is very helpful and willing to help. And for sure, together, we can learn from each other. Maybe my question and the help from another user can be of help to someone else again.

Very slowly, I will expand my own app and make it something that works for me. I already can see now, that in the future I need to switch to a different platform because this platform does not have one feature I would like to have in my app. But that is for later. For now, I will just enjoy learning and collecting more knowledge. I am not in a hurry.

I am not sure yet, what the next addition will be. Maybe I will try to figure out, how to add my other medication and maybe make some kind of a schedule of what medication I need to take when and how to adjust the current stock status.

What the final app will look like? Not sure yet. But at the moment I am using 2-4 different apps to keep track of things I need in regard to my health. Because some things from one app look or works better than in the other app. So I am switching every day between the different apps. My “goal” is to get those different apps/features in one app.

We will see. Enough to think about for now.

As always, please take care and stay safe.
God Bless.


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