I Inspired a Youtuber.

I Inspired a Youtuber.

Yes, I inspired a Youtuber. I really did. Not a very big or very known Youtuber, but still.

He has 3.39K subscribers (at the moment of writing this post). I know him from the Glide community/forum. A community/forum where I am also registered. And also had contact with him on that forum.

One of my questions inspired him to make a video about it.

The Community/Forum.

As I already quickly mentioned, I registered myself on a community forum.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I am busy creating my own mobile app. And as with everything else that is new, you need to learn a lot. There are several ways to do that. Or you read a lot on the different websites, watch some tutorial videos, and/or join a community forum.

Being part of a community forum can be of great help. You can find many answers to questions you could have. You also can help others, if they have questions.

The Youtuber I am talking about is also a member of that particular forum. He is, what they call a certified expert. These are people that spent a lot of time on the forum and know a lot. They also have sometimes very helpful tips or tricks. And on his Youtube channel, he has several videos with tips and tricks. He also has a series that is called “Gamifying Glide Apps”. In that series, he is talking about making a game in Glide Apps. And showing how to do it. It also can give you ideas of how to make things work for yourself. It is a fun way of learning.

My Question.

My question was if it is possible to have sub-pages/screens on pages/screens.

Until that time, I did not see any way or option to create a page within a page. What I wanted to do, is that on a page I place more than one button and each button will bring you to a different page.

On my question, I got two different options that I could try. One was more some kind of styling option and not really what I was looking for. The other had created a short quick video and showed me what I could do. For my app, I tried that and it worked. On my question, I made several remarks because others also responded to it. It was a nice discussion and helpful. This Certified Expert/Youtuber also made some helpful remarks. And to my surprise, within two to three days, I saw he had released a video showing how to create 7 different navigation menus.

On his video, I placed a comment and make the remark that I was already looking for something like this. His reply was, that I was the inspiration for this video. Because he had seen several times that people were asking questions in relation to this.

It is nice to see, that my “simple” question can trigger something like this. And I am sure that some of his tips and trick I will use for future projects.

More Questions.

I am also sure, that that question will not be my last one. Right now I am also looking into other No-Code/Low-Code platforms. It looks like they have more options and features, that could be useful for the future.

I don’t know what the future will bring, but it is nice to have several options/choices.

And if you are stuck with something, it is nice that there is a place where you could ask for help, tips, or tricks. Or maybe something is not clear, then there is always someone else that could help you to explain things.

I also discovered that some community forums are more active than others. That can happen. This also could mean, that if you placed a question, it could maybe take a few days before there can be an answer.

This is also the case for a different forum where I am registered. This is for a different No-Code platform that I am also interested in. I had placed several questions in the past months and every time it took two to three days before I got a reply. Not nice, but there is nothing I can do about it. I only can hope and pray that people will get more active on it so others also could benefit from it.


Right now, I feel good. It is a nice feeling that I gave someone the inspiration to take some action and make a video for it. And I hope that it also will help others.

I am thinking of maybe also making some tech posts. And maybe they also could be of some help to others. Just telling you about my experience with the different No-Code/Low-Code platforms.

For now, I am a big fan of the platform’s community. Again I had asked a question and several people jumped in to help me. I just wished that more no-code/low-code platform communities were this active.

As always, please take care and stay safe.
God Bless


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