Are My Healthcare Applications Slowly Failing On Me?

Or Is This A Sign From Above?

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Are My Healthcare Applications Slowly Failing On Me?

Some time ago, I wrote about Healthcare Applications and how they could be of help to me or others. But recently, I got the thought, “Are my healthcare applications slowly failing on me?”

Why did I get this thought? Or maybe this is a sign from above? Is it time for me to take action?

A Daily Routine.

If you had read my previous posts, you already know that I have a daily routine. Just to keep things a little bit organized and keep an eye on certain things in regards to my health. Like taking my medication on time. Keeping track of my weight and blood pressure, etc.

I am using different apps on my phone to keep track of things. It is normal that now and then, these applications get updated. Some updates are very small and only are in the background, and others are bigger and sometimes will change the layout and working of an application.

This is normal and I am partly used to it. As long as it is an update that is to improve the application and works in the background, I am fine with it. Mainly because I am already used to how the application works and know where I can find certain things in the application.

Tried But Failed.

I think I already mentioned it one time, that one of the applications that I am using had a major update. The layout and the working of the application were completely different from what I was used to. After communicating with the developer about this, I understand that sometimes it is needed to go through a major update. The thing is, that now it will take time again to get used to it.

Because there was nothing I could do about that, I tried to use the new application for maybe two to three weeks. Just side by side with the previous application. It was so different, I could not get used to it. Some things took more steps to complete or were a little bit more complicated and did not make sense to me. So, I stopped using the new application and kept on using the old one.

One More Update.

The other night, I saw there was a new update again from this application. It said it had some new features, so I installed the update. The next day I would check them out.

So the next day I did a short test. Again to discover that the new features are nice, they did not work for me. One of the options was to set the alarm sound. You could now set it to “no sound”. I found out, that this means every reminder had no sound. It was not possible to set just one reminder without sound and the rest with sound. No idea what they were thinking about this.

Also when I added a new medication, every time it was coming up with the same schedule as the first medication I had added. But every medication has its own schedule. Why keep on repeating the first schedule you had put in? No idea.

So, I had removed all the added medication and went back to my old application. Despite several bugs in there, it is working better than the new application.

And Again.

I use several applications to keep track of several things. Because for some applications it is an easier or nicer way they handle things.

Suddenly, one of those applications got an update. When I wanted to do my normal things on the application, I found out that it had changed. I only got a small message saying that they had revamped some things. “To make it nicer”.

They did not only make it “nicer” but now I have to go through more steps before I can do what I want or need to do.

In this application, I keep track of my weight and blood pressure because in the report you have a nice view of it. Well, everything I had put in before the update is now all gone. I am fine with updates, but if I lose things because of that, No Thank You.

It looked like they did not think about what could happen or how others would think about it. After reporting this problem and creating a support ticket, I also got an email with an invite to join their “community”. I could keep track of my support tickets but also help or support other users. Help the company to think about new things and give my opinion. For me, it is too late. You should think about this before you make these kinds of updates. My first thought right now is to just remove the application.


Don’t get me wrong. I also like updates for applications. With updates, you can improve things. But it also has got something to do with trust. You must be able to trust applications like this. If you see these fail one by one, then where is your trust.

When I was using the new application for my medication, I don’t have full trust in it. Always in the back of my mind, I was in doubt if things were okay or not. If I did not make any mistake somewhere.

In the previous post, I already mentioned that I was not happy with how the new application worked. I even mentioned, maybe trying to build my own application for it. Now, three fails in a short period, maybe it is a sign that I really need to do something myself.

Maybe it is a sign that I really need to take action now.

If I create something myself, I can keep it consistent. I can make it the way I like it and what works for me. But as always, this is easier said than done.

I already had made two no-code/low-code applications for myself. Just to see how it works. I could use those platforms to create my private application. But it will take time. Till then, I need to learn to live with the changes the applications are going through.

As always, please take care and stay safe. Don’t only think about yourself, but also about others.

God Bless.


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